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Follow 4 explorers and help them to succeed in their secret mission : the Blazehag Road. Everyone is different and needs to deal with the others to make a success out of this mission.

Working together is the key.

Known Bugs

  • If you click on the bottom of the screen, you may miss some buttons. Click on the avatars or moving dots when you talk instead.
  • Final screen shows weird numbers, but they are fun, no ?

I will thank all the team members behind this game who helped me make it as cool as it is now.

WonderTayrip for his amazing music

Shoan Black for correcting my bad English

I also wanted to thank all the people around me :Sophie, Laurine, Joanna, Nart & Alice, Fougere, Roxanne, Audrey, Helix, Vaida, Tania, Maggie, Esteban and of course my family for the time they spent with me !


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