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PlayGB, a good news for Infokub Arcade

Here is a fresh news one month after the I.C.E release : PlayGB become the Infokub Arcade's

Why it's important ?

PlayGB allows us to publish ads on our games (don't forget this is the only system which permit us to finance them). Added to this, PlayGB shares our productions hugely so our public grows significantly. For example : on I.C.E, yesterday we had 270 visitors, at this time I can see 720 game play, on Newgrounds we had to wait a month for obtaining the same score.

Can PlayGB block game's releases ?

No they can't. PlayGB can refuse to support a game, so this one can't have ads and us some money, so we will need to find an other sponsor, but that's all. Nevertheless, PlayGB constraints are light, so don't worry about that. In fact, refused games are them which are too violent or containing sex content, but we don't do that. So we can create freely and it's cool !

You can check all of their games here and for developpers who want to be sponsored by PlayGB click here.


Because they are here, but especially because you support us I.C.E exceeded 1000 views for some days (we are near 2000 views) ! So a thousand of thanks for you !

News - 2014-04-11

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